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Ms. Figone's Marketplace

Students selling class made goods to peers.

Ms. Danielle Figone’s 2nd grade class has been working hard in their social studies unit learning all about businesses and economics.  First, the students worked together to decide what sort of business they wanted in this made up community. They also discussed what their community needed vs what they wanted.

The students then came up with a name and logo for their business and what 5 items they would sell and for what price. The students had to think hard about the price they would charge – would people want to pay that much for their items? Would they make money if their items were too cheap? 

Each student was given $210 of play money. They used their customer service skills to buy and sell their items at the marketplace and see how much money they made at the end. Some groups made $500! Principal Keegan popped in to purchase some items from students’ businesses.

Students selling class made goods to peers.


Students selling class made goods to peers.