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Extraordinary Eagles at Discovery Elementary

extraordinary eagles with principal keegan

Just before lunch on a recent Wednesday, Discovery Elementary Principal Kathy Keegan uses the intercom to call all of that week’s “Extraordinary Eagles” down to the lunchroom. The halls fill with excited voices as the students nominated walk hurriedly to meet Keegan at the stage.

The weekly celebration is their school’s method of recognizing students for being kind, responsible and safe, as part of the Positive Behavior Social Emotional Support program. Teachers and staff nominate students for making good choices, and the students receive a certificate and a prize provided by the PTSA.

“How many of you were so super excited to hear your name?” Keegan asks the students. Hands dart into the air.

“I was about to cry,” one student says. Another nods and says “I was like, really, really happy!”

Keegan congratulates the students on their awards. “I want to celebrate you, because you each deserve it,” she adds. “Drumroll, please!” The students pat their legs, creating a quiet drumroll. In turn, each Eagle walks up to Keegan to receive a certificate and the prize, a special water bottle.

After the brief celebration, Keegan excuses the students. They leave the lunchroom to head back to class, most of them with a smile still on their faces.

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