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Discovery Elementary Installs Outdoor Musical Instruments for Playground

Students playing with instruments that are built into Harmony Park.

Discovery Elementary installed outdoor musical instruments by Freenotes Harmony Park. We chose the Tuned Drums & Aria and Griffin Mallet Percussion instruments. Our primary goal in purchasing these instruments was to make music fun and accessible to our students and our community. Playing multi-sensory instruments help all users with eye hand coordination, expend energy and emotionally express themselves. In addition, the instruments help students develop their social-emotional skills while working in small groups and practicing taking turns while sharing and creating music together. We welcome the local community to have access on the weekends or during non-school hours.

We received a grant from the Sammamish Arts Commission and from our Discovery PTSA to contribute to purchasing these outdoor musical instruments. They were installed near our wetlands so all can enjoy the wildlife and nature on the school grounds while finding an artistic outlet in the form of music making.