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BreakoutEDU, an Educational Alternative to Escape Rooms

Students in Ms. Flett's class doing an escape room activity.

This is a photo from Mary Flett's second grade classroom working on a BreakoutEDU game!

BreakoutEDU games are student-friendly versions of an “escape room,” where students work collaboratively to solve a series of challenging puzzles to unlock a physical box. The box has 5 locks, and each lock corresponds to a puzzle. This BreakoutEDU game is called “Benny’s Lost Pillow” and students solve a series of puzzles where they answer questions about a bar graph, follow directional arrows on a map, unscramble words and more!

BreakoutEDU, like escape rooms, promote teamwork to solve a problem. Teamwork is a soft skill that students practice every day, and this was just one of them - how creative!