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Tardies and Early Dismissals

General Announcement

To Ensure our Dismissal Process Runs Smoothly.....

In order to ensure the safety of our students, diminish end of the day classroom interruptions, and ensure our dismissal process runs smoothly, we are asking families to avoid requesting dismissal changes near the end of the day.

Avoiding these unnecessary interruptions also allows us to support those families who do experience emergency situations that require the release of their child during this busy time. Outside of such emergency situations, we would request that normal release time and dismissal routine be followed. 

If you are dismissing early , please arrive at the office with your photo ID. Thank you!


To Ensure our students our Morning arrival process...

Our last bell rings at 9:15, if your child(ren) are not in their classroom at 9:15 they are considered tardy

  • Please bring them into the office to sign them in or they will be considered unexcused tardy.  
  • Please do not drop them off at or after 9:15 am with out any adult supervision in front of the school.

Thank you so much for your partnership and consideration in keeping our students safe!

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