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Counselor's Corner - Sleep and Time Changes


Sleep and time changes

If you’re having struggles this week due to the ‘spring forward’ time change, you are not alone! It can be hard for children(and adults) as they adjust to the changes that go along with losing that hour on our clocks this week.

But, the good news is this is a great week to update and tweak your child’s sleep routine. 

Click on the link below for some helpful tips on how to help your child to get better sleep:


Excerpts from article:

***Did you know that children need at least 8-14 hours of sleep a night depending on age and genetics?  Many behavior challenges at home and school are consistently related to not getting enough sleep.

***Did you know children act MORE AWAKE and SILLY when they actually are sleep-deprived?  Few children will say “I am tired. I want to go to bed.”

***Did you know that screen time right before bed alerts a part of the brain that makes our minds assume it’s still daytime?  Children with screens in their rooms are missing out on learning how to unplug and relax without relying on screens.


Feel free to reach out if you would like to connect and get more information or support! 

Miss Denise

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