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Attendance Reminders - Extended Absences/Vacation past 3 days (form needed)

General Announcement

Perhaps the most important factor in your child’s classroom success this year is attendance.  Daily attendance and active participation in class are critical parts of the learning process.  We accomplish a great deal during the school day.  Much of the day includes explicit and direct teaching, partner or group work, conversation, and discussion.  When your child misses school, he or she is missing much more than just assignments. Please do all that you can to insure your child attends every day.

If you child is going to be absent, please contact the Discovery office either by email at  <> 

Vacations/Make-up Work:  When your child misses school, it is difficult if not impossible to recreate the day to day learning that takes place.  Remember that during their absence your child may:

  •  miss newly introduced concepts and skills in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, health
  • miss activities, projects and classroom events that cannot be made up
  • need extra support at home with assignments upon returning from the absence
  • need to relearn established or learn new classroom policies and procedures
  • not be provided assignments in advance of their absence
  • make up assignments/projects as decided by the classroom teacher upon return

Please make an attempt to schedule family trips during non-school dates.  It is very difficult to make up lost instructional time, teachers are not required to give work or re-teach  However, if you are planning to be away from school for more than 3 days, please submit the Pre-Arranged Absence Form found on our website.

Please see below for extended absences.

If your student will miss 3+ consecutive school days, you must fill out the appropriate Pre-Arranged Absence Form and return to the school office one week prior to the beginning of the absence for approval/excusal.  Ask the office for the form or you can find in on Discovery's website under attendance tab.

More details on Attendance protocols here: 


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